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Tasmania is an island state of Australia.  A place protected by the indigenous population for thousands of years before the white invasion. This rich evidence of human habitation has been infused with evidence of early dutch, french and english exploration of the 'round' world, convict settlements, and a path of controversial development that continues today.

All this has provided rich pickings for writers who have written truths and romantised versions of truths. This category includes those books written about Tasmania, as well as books written by Tasmanians.  Some of the books could have been written anywhere, but they are still influenced by this small but complex community that exists in Tasmania.

Check out our authours, John Biggs, Steve Biddulph, Rob Blakers, Maureen Bryan.

The collection includes beautiful coffee table photo books and a scientific interest book for the botanical enthusiast.

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From Ashes to Ashes

$33.00   $20.00

The Philip Smith Centre, a place for learn...


In the South: Tales of Sail and Yearning

$29.95 (Including tax)