Work Life balance is one of the few emplyment factors where Tasmanian's score more highly than other Australians.  A slower more relaxed pace of life is affordable in this place.  The natural environment lends itself to multiple sports and adventure activites.  From a relaxing game of golf to a thrill seeking fast boat ride, from canoeing on still waters to flying through the forest like a fox and more.  These features have seen a resurgence in film making and the attraction of famous musicians.


(Photo: yachts moored at the Hobart docks after completing the Sydney-Hobart yacht race, Australia's premier ocean racing classic) 


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Woodbridge Hill Pool Swimming Voucher

$32.00 (Including tax)

Adult Voucher Coastal Adventure Adult Voucher: Coastal Adventure

$85.00 (Including tax)

Seal Viewing Adult Voucher: Seal & Ocean Expedition

$195.00 (Including tax)