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The Oaktree Foundation Tasmania


The Oaktree Foundation is one of Australia’s fastest growing and most dynamic international aid and development organizations. Entirely run by young volunteers under the age of 26, Oaktree has 85,000 members around Australia and has led some of Australia’s biggest anti-poverty campaigns - including the 2006 MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY Concert in Melbourne, and the MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY Roadtrip campaigns in 2007 and 2010 which succeeded in securing bipartisan commitment to increasing foreign aid to $4.3 billion. 

Oaktree sees education as the key to enabling the world’s poorest individuals and communities to lift themselves out of poverty. As a result, Oaktree works across the Asia Pacific region – in places like East Timor, Cambodia and Papua New Guinea – to build schools, train teachers, and provide scholarships so impoverished children can attend school and much more.

Robert Hortle

Tasmanian Director


(Tassie Store was a sponsor of Oaktree Tasmania's UnConvention held in December 2011)