Supplier Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions for TassieStore Suppliers

Registration as a supplier is evidence of your agreement with these conditions. Suppliers can withdraw their account and/or products at any time.

1. Products can be listed free of charge.
2. The products must be made, value added, grown or created in Tasmania.
3. Suppliers are responsible for complying with all Commonwealth, State and Local Government laws, regulations and licensing requirements.
4. TassieStore retains the right to limit the submission of identical products from different suppliers. TassieStore retains the right to make the final decision to limit competition between suppliers on the site.
5. Products are to be listed at retail prices, and no higher than they are represented on other websites.
6. Suppliers can separately indicate postage costs for each product listed.
7. TassieStore stores and displays your companies’ physical location and displays your products. Please note however we do not allow linking to your own or other websites, either in your company description or any product descriptions.
8. TassieStore does not own or take responsibility for any of the products listed on TassieStore.

9. Supplier approval is conditional on listing products on TassieStore within 4 weeks. Suppliers failing to list within 4 weeks or removing products for a period greater than 4 weeks will be removed.  Suppliers can reapply at the commission rate on the day of reapplication.

1. Suppliers will receive an email when a product has been ordered.
2. Suppliers must arrange suitable packing to minimise risks such as: deterioration and damage during transit.
3. Suppliers are to dispatch the product within three working days of receiving the order or by arrangement with the buyer if the product is custom made.

After Sale:
1. TassieStore will collect the total amount payable (including GST if applicable) through secure internet banking or PayPal.
2. TassieStore will charge a commission of 9% on the sale price of goods (excluding postage) for the first twelve months. This will be reviewed as required.
3. Balance of accounts will be paid into supplier bank accounts by the seventh day of the following month after the sale.

4. Tax Invoices will be issued detailing costs and GST and comply with Australian taxation laws.