Towards Forgiveness: Sino-Tasmanian stories from two islands

Price: $20.00

John Biggs


Towards Forgiveness:  Sino-Tasmanian stories from two islands (Ginninderra Press, 2012) Price $20 (+pp) (wt 250 gm)

Hong Kong and Tasmania are islands with much in common. Both have a history of British colonisation that feeds, each in its own way, into the psyche of the people and into the way they see themselves. These stories are hung on such historical pegs, alternating between the two islands, as they progress from violence, racism and retribution, to love and forgiveness. Some stories are award winning and all have been previously published.

A powerful and poignant collection of stories that explore the subtleties of human relations, reaching beyond cultural and gender divisions to touch on the universal.  –  Rosie Dub, Hobart author                

… At times violent and emotionally wrenching, this collection ultimately celebrates our capacity for forgiveness and love. Each story is a gem in itself and as soon as you finish the collection you’ll want to read it again.    Cha: An Asian Literary Journal

….  a pocket rocket that will have wide appeal.                                                      Sunday Tasmanian