The Girl in the Golden House (Pandanus Books, 2003)

Price: $20.00

John Biggs


The Girl in the Golden House(Pandanus Books, 2003)  Price $20 (+pp) (wt 500 gm)

In books, there are golden houses and beautiful girls …

So says the Chinese proverb. Chris Wong studies law, which provides the golden house but finding the right girl to share it is complicated by the aftermath of the Tiananmen Massacre. Like many, Hong Kong men, he parked his family in Australia while continuing to work in Hong Kong. It was a recipe for marital disaster….

Chris Wong is a remarkable piece of characterisation... a powerful portrait of a man forced to reconcile the expectations of his family, his ancestors and the weight of Chinese tradition with the very different attitudes of the West, while trying, in the middle of things, to find love.                             The Age
Biggs examines the strains this puts on the family, and the temptations that bedevil a long-distance relationship. His treatment of Wong’s emotional struggle is as deft and moving as his exploration of Hong Kong in turmoil is bold.                                                            South China Morning Post