Alkymia Organic Romance Tea- Tantric

Price: $12.95


 TANTRIC: aromatic lemon, nourishing adn awakening, slight sweet after taste (40g).40gstesteessstttt::C:C:C:C;ararrrraarrr   

Liquorice: anti-inflammatory, reduces nervous tension, antioxidant, soothes the lungs and stomach
Calendula: comforts the heart and spirit, anti-inflammatory, lymph cleanser, anti- bacterial
Hibiscus: anti-inflammatory, eliminates excess fluid, circulatory tonic, nourishes the nerves
Lemon Myrtle: immune stimulant, antiviral, carminative, lifts the mood and spirit
Yerba mate’: improves memory and concentration, stimulant and tonic, blood cleanser, aphrodisiac

              TThese beautiful organic teas are made in Tasmania. Created by Mariangela Parodi; a gifted Naturopath, Herbalist and Intuitive healer. Elegantly packaged in black resealable foil bags, to retain the tea’s flavour and freshness; and has a clear bottom for viewing. Each one comes with its own specific affirmation card, which reinforces the transformation. This vibrant and passionate range will help to shed limitations and bring a sense of joy, love, vitality and abundance back into your life. Whatever your journey........There is a tea type for you!