North West


Tasmania's North West is an area of amazing contrasts from rich volcanic soils, the best surfing beaches and the lush forest of the Tarkine.  The region prospers from a high rain fall that supports the best vegetable and cattle growing lands that abruptly become forest as you travel south.

Marrawah in the west is known for its big surf , the Van Diemen's Land Company and wind farming, all powered by the "Roaring 40s" winds.

Tasmania's only Prime Minister (1932 to 1939)Joseph Lyons, was born in Stanley.  

Stanley is also home to Highfield House ( www.historic-highfield.com.auwhich was built in 1843 and designed by John Lee Archer, who also designed Parliament House in Hobart.

Smithton's industries include dairy and beef, aquaculture and fishing.

In spring, Table Cape is a mass of colour with hectares of colourful tulips.

(Photo above:  The Nut, Stanley, courtesy of Walter Bartlett)

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