Heritage Highway


Take the Heritage Highway through the middle of Tasmania. Heading north from Hobart or South from Launceston, you will find a trail of living history at a relaxed pace.

Explore antique shops and the acclaimed National Rose Garden at Longford

Visit some of Tasmania's finest rural estates, such as Woolmers and Brickendon at Longford, Clarendon House at Evandale.

Be tempted to enjoy exceptional trout-fishing on the Macquarie River at Cressy, Longford and Campbell Town.

Savour award-winning gourmet sauces at Evandale and leatherwood honey at Perth.

Play Skulduggery and solve a local crime at Longford, Ross or Oatlands and Eye Spy the shadowy silouettes around Oatlands and Kempton.

Here is your Heritage Highway Spotter's List.  Get your children watching out for:

Tasmanian tigers


Horse-drawn carriages and highway men 

The Highest point is which pass?

How high is St Peter's pass, and what do we do here?

How many pubs are there in Campbell town?

How many trucks have overtaken you?

The topiary bushes....Have you seen

a crocodile?

a reindeer?

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