10 bags Huon Black Tassie grown tea

by Dry Ideas

From the world's most southern tea garden, at the top of the famous Huon Valley and in the foothills to Mount Wellington, nestled in a quiet valley where platypus peep out of a sun drenched water hole.  That is where you will find us lovingly caring for our tea garden.  Row upon row of neatly hedged plants with succulent growing tips waiting to be plucked and magically turned into scrumptious tea.

After plucking the young shoot tips they are allowed to develop flavour for a few days prior to hand crushing and drying in our specially constructed black tea driers.  The aroma of the freshly made tea is exquisite and is reminiscent of freshly roasted nuts.  The tea is smooth and easy to drink, low in astringency and with a sweet flavour this tea is delightful without milk or sugar.  A great way to wake up and start the day.   

Unlike other tea growing regions, our pristine, isolated environment means that there are no pests and diseases and we do not need to apply pesticides. For the occassional aphid that appears we rely on our friendly ladybirds and small feathered friends to keep them under control.  We are certified pesticide free and use solar power to pump our irrigation water and run our driers.  This Tasmanian fair trade tea is ethically produced under all Australian standards and laws.

Orders are posted by regular post within 5 business days.