Disguises (Burville Books, 2007)

by John Biggs

Disguises(Burville Books, 2007)                               Price $20 (+pp) (wt 450 gm)

An unlikely love affair, haunted by ghosts of a distant past…

“Go back to where ya come from!” So says a prospective boyfriend to Cathie Lee, an Australian-born Chinese. That’s when she realises that she’s an Australian girl forced into a Chinese disguise. But then everyone she meets seems to be wearing some sort of disguise. She enacts a charade. Three people in love, but only two are alive. Then only one.

Take a chapter from Puberty Blues, add an adult version of Looking for Alibrandi, fold in some Noble House, season with a dash of Cultural Revolutionary sauce—and you have something of the flavour ofDisguises. Even the author is in disguise – as Sally Leigh.

… (Peter’s) story was the most beautiful love story I’d ever read….   Liz Winfield, Hobart Poet

What is especially interesting is the way the writer approaches a topic that is considered taboo by Western society. …                                                        Driftwood Manuscripts