Goats Milk Soap - Almond Oil

by PastureGrade

Almond Oil

Rich source of vitamin E, contains magnesium and calcium.  Improves complexion and retains your natural glow, moisturises, smoothes skin irritation and inflammation, delays the aging process, relieves dry and itch skin.


Every bar of soap has a full list of ingredients, and the price is normally $6.00, reduced to $4.00 for the Tassiestore Web site.

we also supply quality hand soaps with your logo printed on the wrapper

email - pasturegrade@gmail.com

phone - 0419216473


PastureGrade is a local family business and our aim is to supply quality local meat and milk products. We currently have a small goat herd of Anglo Nubian and Toggenburgs, plus Saddleback Pigs, Wiltshire Sheep, some chickens, and of course our beloved dogs