In the South: Tales of Sail and Yearning

by Heriot Media & Governance Pty Ltd
Described as 'a classic of Australian sailing literature' (Cruising Helmsman, July 2013), the non-fiction In the South takes the reader on a maritime journey through time and place. Its rich narrative fans out from two wooden boats and the people associated with them: the three-masted schooner, designed by L. Francis Herreshoff, and Bruce Kirby's sharpie ketch. From these two float tales of sail and the sea, of design and artistic craftsmanship, teacher-mentors, sprung planks, and of loss and redemption. The reader's journey extends from Australia's 'inland sea' of Port Phillip, across Bass Strait to Tasmania and the Southern Ocean, and to New England in the USA. This book 'is a tonic ... beautifully written, often poetic ... great stuff' ( Reader's Review). It is one of only a few books that 'continue to draw me back' (Australian Amateur Boatbuilder, April-June 2013).